Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo, we believe in thinking differently.


We challenge the status quo by helping you harness the power of technology and solve your problems.


We happen to build great tech which just works.

is liberating.
Tech is liberating.

We believe that technology liberates people to higher cognitive thinking, by alleviating the load of monotonous work.

Computers are good at handling routine, monotonous works. Things which you do with your mind closed, but which take hours to complete can be effectively handled by effective Process automation.

Simple tasks like scheduling work shifts, managing expenses, filling vacancies and turning machines on & off can be delegated to computers by Hyperautomation, so you can focus on critical thinking.

Every business generates a lot of data, which is has clues and insights into making your business better, and perhaps even get an edge over your competitors. An efficient Information architecture, can help you leverage this data for your advantage.

Good things can be affordable too.

Words like, Machine learning, Augmented intelligence, Predictive Analytics seem like the stuff of sci-fi. But they are very real, and are powering businesses.

We build effective solutions catered for your business, which you can afford and enjoy.

We believe

Cutting-edge tech is for everyone, not just for big business.

We believe

Good answers are not complicated.

We believe

Effective solutions are not expensive.

We understand that technology has progressed rapidly, and it is difficult to comprehend these changes. Too much has happened too soon, and it's easy to feel left behind. It is Black Quadrant's mission to harness the power of technology and help your business win with an incredible competitive edge.