Case Studies

We work with enterprises of all sizes in various industries like Mining, Retail, Logistics, PropTech, EdTech, FinTech, Compliance & Governance and Non-profits.

  • Fintech

Multi-currency remittance app

A New Zealand based money remittance company was using a legacy remittance system to service its clients in New Zealand and Pacific Islands. After many years of operations, the legacy system was no longer sufficient.

The company wanted to leverage business intelligence to improve compliance and KYC.

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  • Commercial Cleaning

Image recognition powered auditing system

A New Zealand based commercial cleaning company wanted to expand its operations by offering franchisees, but it faced severe competition from bigger companies.

They wanted a business differentiator, while at the same time reducing costs & human resource requirements, which could help them stand out from other companies.

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  • Logistics

High tech, low cost shipping service

A New Zealand based middle-mile & last-mile shipping service, focusing traditionally on retail orders, wanted to transition towards servicing the ecommerce industry. Their existing legacy systems were incapable of integrating with popular ecommerce platforms.

The new key services they wanted to add to their service offerings was a shipping status update system for the middle-mile and a real time location tracker for the last-mile.

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  • Compliance & Governance

Business Assessment Tool

A New Zealand based business consultancy wanted to modernise their business assessment process. Their existing process was paper based and had a turn-around time of ~2 weeks.

They wanted to improve their service by having a self-service business assessment system.

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  • Online Retail

End-to-end ecommerce platform

A Singapore based start-up wanted to build an end-to-end ecommerce platform as a SAAS.

The objective was to build a fully automated ecommerce system which integrated with payment, shipping & inventory management systems so that its users would only need to focus on building beautiful products to sell.

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  • E-commerce

Organic products marketplace

An India based retailer wanted to import natural & organic products from New Zealand and sell it via an organics-only ecommerce marketplace.

Along with generating sales, they wanted the ecommerce marketplace to generate sales data for product manufacturers in New Zealand to help them connect directly with buyers.

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  • Charity & Non-Profit

Transparency for donations

A Dubai, UAE based Non-Profit focusing on women empowerment accepts goods as donations from local residents and send them to Indian villages.

In an effort to stand out from the crowd of Non-Profits, it wanted to develop a transparency system which allowed donors to track exactly where their donations were going. In the future, the Non-Profit also wanted to allow donors to pick which cause they wanted to donate to via their online platform.

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  • Social Enterprise

COVID compliance tool for New Zealand businesses

A New Zealand based social enterprise wanted to create an online tool which would help small businesses navigate the complex web of ever-changing COVID-19 rules of New Zealand's traffic light system.

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  • PropTech

Real estate portal and agent tools

A Dubai, UAE based real estate agency wanted to launch an online real estate search portal in competition with other players in the market.

They wanted this search portal to be data-centric and wanted it to showcase market intelligence and property trends.

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  • Mining

Site inspection tool & report generation

An Australian mining inspector wanted to modernise its inspection process. Their legacy system relied on paper-based inspections which had a turn-around time of up to 8 weeks.

In an effort to improve the experience of its customers and to optimise their own internal processes, they wanted to build a custom solution.

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