A Dubai, UAE based Non-Profit focusing on women empowerment accepts goods as donations from local residents and send them to Indian villages. In an effort to stand out from the crowd of Non-Profits, it wanted to develop a transparency system which allowed donors to track exactly where their donations were going. In the future, the Non-Profit also wanted to allow donors to pick which cause they wanted to donate to via their online platform.

  • Country

    United Arab Emirates
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development
  • Tech Stack

    React, React Native, AWS, Serverless


Transparency solutions require a high amount of trust and several options, including blockchain, were identified as possible candidates. One of the key considerations while developing the solution was to facilitate self-management of the system. With an ever increasing range of causes to support, the funding for product expansion & future development was non-existent.

We built a cloud-based online marketplace where donors could view all the causes and make a donation to the cause of their choice. Unlike other marketplaces which accept cash, this marketplace accepted goods.

We build a dashboard for admins to get an bird's eye view of all activity in their marketplace and keep track of all incoming donations. Once a donor pledged a donation for a cause, a collection request was created in the admin panel. Admins would then organise a pick-up of the donations.

We also built a mobile app which was provided to volunteers in India. This app would provide an itenary of goods and causes to donate those goods to. After a successful delivery of donations, volunteers were able to click pictures as evidence. These pictures would then be a part of a confirmation email sent to donors, marking a successful donation and evidence of actual lives affected.

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