A New Zealand based commercial cleaning company wanted to expand its operations by offering franchisees, but it faced severe competition from bigger companies. They wanted a business differentiator, while at the same time reducing costs & human resource requirements, which could help them stand out from other companies.

  • Country

    New Zealand
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development, Process Automation, Sustainability Solutions
  • Tech Stack

    React, React Native, AWS, Serverless
  • Extensions

    Integrate with 3rd party KYC APIs, payment methods and customer verification systems


We engaged the CEO & the COO on a personal level and dug deep to understand the commercial cleaning industry. We realised that these was an opportunity to build the first of its kind image recognition powered auditing system for the cleaning industry.

The backend system was accompanied by a desktop-based admin panel which had total visibility over all clients & crew, including location, work quality and audits. The admin dashboard also had in-depth business intelligence and data visualisations to aid administrators in decision making.

Crew were given a feature-rich mobile app which guided them through each job and helped them conduct audits. Once the job is done, the crew would go around clicking pictures of their job, which the system would classify as clean or not clean.

Clients were given a self service dashboard which enabled them to monitor crew & the quality of their work and effectively communicate with the crew & admin.

Through the process, we also transformed several business processes. Traditional paper-based processes were converted to cloud-based projects. Appropriate 3rd party apps were introduced to help management in running their business more efficiently.

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