A New Zealand based business consultancy wanted to modernise their business assessment process. Their existing process was paper based and had a turn-around time of ~2 weeks. They wanted to improve their service by having a self-service business assessment system.

  • Country

    New Zealand
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development
  • Tech Stack

    React, AWS, Serverless
  • Extensions

    Integrate with Salesforce


We converted their excel based business assessment tool into an online, interactive quiz which is available to all businesses who seek assessment & recommendations. Once a business undergoes the assessment, the tool generates a spider chart of their strengths & weaknesses and provides them with a downloadable report with recommendations.

An admin dashboard was provided to business administrators & consultants. The admin panel was the central data repository of all assessments & business information. The admin dashboard was capable of generating fine-grained business intelligence of assessments & businesses.

The client had other services which it offered and used Salesforce as their central data repository. The business assessment tool was thus integrated with Salesforce to feed assessment data.

This tool reduced the assessment turnaround time from 2 weeks to 1 hour, saving the company thousands of dollars in cost and improving the overall experience of its customers.


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