A New Zealand based money remittance company was using a legacy remittance system to service its clients in
New Zealand and Pacific Islands. After many years of operations, the legacy system was no longer sufficient. The company wanted to leverage business intelligence to improve compliance and KYC.

  • Country

    New Zealand
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development, Data Architecture, Process Automation
  • Tech Stack

    React, React Native, AWS, Serverless
  • Extensions

    Integrate with 3rd party KYC APIs, payment methods and customer verification systems


After several in-depth meetings with key stakeholders at different levels of the organisation, we built an entirely cloud based, serverless system of microservices which worked in harmony with 3rd party KYC APIs.

The backend system was accompanied by a desktop-based admin panel which had total visibility over all transactions & customers in the remittance ecosystem. The admin dashboard also had in-depth business intelligence and data visualisations to aid administrators in decision making.

Customers were given a feature-rich mobile app which enabled them to set up remittance requests via multiple payment channels like Online EFTPOS, Bank Transfer, POLi and Cash. The customer app was capable of performing online KYC by interacting with 3rd party KYC systems. Once verified, the app eliminated the need for customers to walk into branches to initiate a remittance.

Compliance & Governance

Business Assessment Tool


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