A New Zealand based middle-mile & last-mile shipping service, focusing traditionally on retail orders, wanted to transition towards servicing the ecommerce industry. Their existing legacy systems were incapable of integrating with popular ecommerce platforms. The new key services they wanted to add to their service offerings was a shipping status update system for the middle-mile and a real time location tracker for the last-mile.

  • Country

    New Zealand
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development, Cloud Optimisation, Edge Computing
  • Tech Stack

    React, React Native, AWS, Serverless, IoT
  • Extensions

    Integrate with 3rd party platforms & payment systems. Real-time location tracking.


Transitioning from a traditional system to a fully-automated, ecommerce-first system required significant amount of staff retraining and process revamping.

In an effort to limit business disruption, the primary priority of the new system was to ensure parallel-operability with the existing system. Cross-operability was actively denied by the client, with a view to fully modernise their computer systems in the coming years.

We build a serverless system of microservices to handle all the various functionality of an ecommerce shipping service. The system was capable of integrating with the company's legacy inventory management system while also having an API, capable of integrating with 3rd party SAAS inventory systems.

Drivers, warehouse handlers and fulfillment center employees were provided with a mobile app, which was capable of updating the status of the delivery and triggering customer management emails & notifications.

Company's admins were provided with a dashboard, providing them with total visibility over all operations of the shipping network. The dashboard was also equipped with real-time geolocation tracking via IoT devices in delivery vehicles.


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