An Australian mining inspector wanted to modernise its inspection process. Their legacy system relied on paper-based inspections which had a turn-around time of up to 8 weeks. In an effort to improve the experience of its customers and to optimise their own internal processes, they wanted to build a custom solution.

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    Custom Software Development, Process Automation
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    React, React Native, Azure, Serverless


The traditional processes involved in the inspection were paper-based and were prone to human error. Inspections could have up to 1500 findings, with each finding being accompanied by an image and a defect location marker. Once the inspection is complete, the generated report could be up to 10Kgs of paperwork. We replaced all the paperwork from the inspection process with apps & dashboard.

We built a cross-platform mobile app for inspectors which is capable of recording all the inspection related findings. The app also allowed the inspector to mark the site plan with defect location and also click pictures for the relevant defects. Multiple inspectors were able to work on the same inspection.

An admin dashboard was provided for the company's admins to manage and monitor inspections & inspectors. When an inspector submitted an inspection, admins could verify the inspection and generate an excel report in the appropriate format. Inspection images were als obundled along with the excel report.

The new inspection & report generation system reduced time by 94% and cost by 18%. The new process was also environmentally sustainable.


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