A Dubai, UAE based real estate agency wanted to launch an online real estate search portal in competition with other players in the market. They wanted this search portal to be data-centric and wanted it to showcase market intelligence and property trends.

  • Country

    United Arab Emirates
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development, Process Automation, BI & Predictive Analytics
  • Tech Stack

    Handlebars, React Native, AWS, Serverless
  • Extensions

    Integrate with government data sites & 3rd party marketing systems


We build a real estate portal from scratch, with all the necessary functionality & features that is expected to provide a modern-day experience to users. With some clever engineering and cloud optimisation tricks, we built the fastest real estate search engine in the middle-east.

The portal allowed visitors to book viewing slots with agents. By tapping into public real estate databases and running ETL operations on these databases, we showcased price trends and other useful information like nearest schools, average area, average rent and demographics of the area.

The portal's backend was fully integrated with Zoho, which the organisation used as it's command center for all operations.

We also built several useful tools for property agents, like 3rd tour of high-end properties, booking management system, chat system and leads & sales management system.

Through the process, we also transformed several business processes. Traditional paper-based processes were converted to cloud-based projects. Appropriate 3rd party apps were introduced to help management in running their business more efficiently.

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