A Singapore based start-up wanted to build an end-to-end ecommerce platform as a SAAS. The objective was to build a fully automated ecommerce system which integrated with payment, shipping & inventory management systems so that its users would only need to focus on building beautiful products to sell.

  • Country

  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development
  • Tech Stack

    React, React Native, AWS, Serverless
  • Extensions

    Integrate with 3rd party payment, shipping & inventory systems


We built the entire ecommerce application from scratch. One of the biggest projects that our engineers worked on, this product is capable of scaling to any market with ease.

The product is offered via desktop, using an admin panel for businesses to manage their online stores, and a hybrid mobile app for ease. The system offers all the core ecommerce functionalities like products, coupons, order management, customer management, etc.

Being a data driven organisation, data-as-a-service was one of the sales offering of the company. For this purpose, the entire application is built in a way so as to maximise the value of data generated by users and customers. The application is capable of proving fine-grained data analytics.

The application is capable horizontally scaling with any 3rd party payment gateway, shipping provider and inventory systems. The application is capable of vertically scaling to support atleast 50 million users. By providing native internationalisation, the application and it's various endpoints are also able to service native-speaking customers.

Commercial Cleaning

Image recognition powered auditing


Real estate portal & agent tools