A New Zealand based social enterprise wanted to create an online tool which would help small businesses navigate the complex web of ever-changing COVID-19 rules of New Zealand's traffic light system.

  • Country

    New Zealand
  • Specialty

    Custom Software Development
  • Tech Stack

    Vue, AWS, Serverless


The client provided us with an excel sheet which contained the necessary business logic required to assess a business's risk and requirements of compliance at different levels of the traffic light system.

We converted this excel sheet into and interactive online quiz, which visitors could take and self-assess. This quiz was open to all individuals & businesses in New Zealand.

We also built an admin dashboard, from which admins of the social enterprise could assess the various responses of quiz takers and derive business intelligence. They used this intelligence to formulate community response plans and business assistance schemes in co-ordination with the New Zealand government.


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COVID19 Business Compliance Tool