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We are solving the problem of cumbersome logistics by
building Uber for logistics.


Understand the problem

Not everything is as it seems.

Domestic freight in New Zealand is one of the most expensive in the world. Most domestic freight companies have complicated pricing structure with lots of variables pricing factors like RUC & fuel surcharge. They lock down businesses in restrictive annual contracts and the trucks are bad for the environment. In an age of uber and facebook, it is surprising that the logistics & freight industries are lagging in some basic technological advancements.


Analyse the problem

Every battle is won before it is fought.

It's easy to blame the industry for a lack of innovation, but this is more than just a problem of innovation, it is a problem of incentive. Due to regional monopolies, several logistics & shipping companies have carved out their share of the market and are complacent in bringing new services to market. Most newcomers lack a strong point of product separation and try to compete on price, which eventually proves futile.

Black Quadrant Technologies, being an emerging technologies service provider, is in a unique position to effectively analyse the problem, and develop a tech oriented solution to optimise the supply chain. With local shared economy startups like LonelySeat, it opens an opportunity to build a new age supply chain.


Draft the solution

No research without action, no action without research.

Our business analysts, systems architects, solutions architects and the rest of the relevant team members of Black Quadrant came up with an uber for freight solution. A web & mobile front end, powered by machine learning to optimise supply chain management and hyperautomation

The aim was to reduce service lead time by having a hands on, pay-as-you-go product where deliveries are made instantly, as opposed to contract based. The service would also enable shipments of all sizes.

Our market analysts developed in-depth competitor analysis and realised that this approach would not just disrupt the industry, on the grounds of superior tech, but was also something that manufacturers were looking for. Most manufacturers interviewed responded strongly of a need to have a more refined supply chain which would enable fine-grained control over their costs.


Begin development


The product is under active development.


Launch & support

It's showtime!

The problems which the solution will solve are,

  • Pricing. Predictable, pay-as-you-go pricing which would allow manufacturers to predict accurately, what their annual shipping costs would be.
  • Restriction. Being on-demand, allows manufacturers to try other favourable shipping providers in tandem.
  • Tracking + Operation. With a superior technology powering the solution, manufacturers can have real time location tracking, mid route re-routing, direct communication with driver, BI dashboard capable of integrating with their business system and other process automation capabilities.
  • Black Quadrant owns and operates Frux - a high-tech, low cost shipping service.