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Maana Foundation

We are solving the problem of trust by
hyperautomation powered transparency systems.


Understand the problem

Not everything is as it seems.

Maana Foundation is an India based non-profit whose areas of operation are women empowerment and basic education for children. They also work on several projects like building irrigation facilities for draught hit villages in rural India. When we met them, they had a problem of stagnating donations. Despite 8 years of stellar success, they had started to see a stagnation of donations from long term donors.


Analyse the problem

Every battle is won before it is fought.

Our business analysts had several brain storming sessions with various stakeholders like the admins and the volunteers. There seemed to be a consensus among the admins & volunteers that staffing was the solution. That if they had more people whose sole goal would be to talk to more donors, that their donations would rise again.

Our business analysts did some digging of their own and figured out that Maana Foundation already had a massive donor pool, from more than 18 countries and across demographics. It would be physically impossible for staff to tap into organic donors with flyers, banners, calls and emails. Staffing wasn't at fault, it was the perception of money not being put to good use.

A few donors hinted that they weren't sure what exactl was happening to their donations. Although they had faith that it was being put to good use, they wanted more control over how their donations were spent. Different donors were passionate about different causes, and wanted to donate money specifically for that cause. It was evident that transparency was the solution.


Draft the solution

No research without action, no action without research.

Our business analysts, systems architects, solutions architects and the rest of the relevant team members of Black Quadrant came up with a web based, crowd funding + e-commerce platform powered by Hyperautomation.

Every purchase or donation made on any of Maana foundation's end points, like their website, on the ground, bank transfers, etc. were fed into a central nerve center, which traced donations to donors. These donors would also mention their cause ID in their reference slips in bank transfers, and in relevant fields in other modes of payment.

Once donations were pooled, a % fraction was allocated to each donor and each cause. That way, Maana knew how many funds were available to every cause. This allowed Maana to spend responsibly and to evaluate causes had less funding. They could then reassign staff to secure funding for under funded causes.


Begin development


The product took 61 days to build and costed roughly $95K. During operation, the solution costs $17 per month for 4 million users. We followed an agile approach to development, which gave Maana Foundation access to our work and progress from day 1, instead of having to wait 30 days to feedback. More information about our drafting process can be found by emailing us.


Launch & support

It's showtime!

The problems which the solution solved were,

  • Transparency. Donors felt more comfortable donating to Maana Foundation's causes as they knew exactly where their money was being spent. Donations increased by 714% and helped Maana start more causes like e-commerce for Indian tribal art.
  • Planning. By getting more visibility over donations, Maana's admins knew which projects were under funded and strategised to fund those projects.
  • Outreach. With our expertise in Hyperautomation, Maana Foundation could send real time update about projects, donations and other marketing materials. This improved donor loyalty by 41%. Maana Foundation are aiming to go nationwide in 2021.
  • All updates and fixes are free forever.