Not all technologies are production ready

Testing emerging technologies
before building solutions

The emerging technologies lab

Most emerging technologies are unstable and even more of them lack proper documentation.

Before we can build and deploy effective enterprise solutions, we need to make sure we know everything there is to know about the technology. In our lab, we iron out the kinks before deploying production-ready solutions.

We get our hands dirty with every emerging technology that we can so that our learning doesn't happen in projects, but on our own time and our own expense.

We are testing Sentiment Analysis technologies by analysing the bias of specific news outlets.

Sentiment Analysis is a poweful tool to assess user engagement for brands and businesses. Employing this technology to assess social media engagement can help organisations address PR issues early.

Coming Soon

Other technologies in the lab

Cloud-Native Platforms

New application architectures that are resilient, elastic and agile enabling rapid digital change.


A business-driven approach to rapidly automate as many business processes as possible.

Total Experience (TX)

A business strategy = customer (CX) + employee (EX) + user (UX) + multiexperience (MX)

Graph Technologies

Find relationships in data that are not being identified or analyzed through traditional means.