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Why are we doing this?

We believe that all good ideas deserve a chance. We want to enable good startups to go to market ASAP!

The world needs good ideas, now!

Our world of today faces many complex challenges which are far too important to be ignored.

We are founders too

Our team is full of people who have founded their own startups and understand the challenges of other founders.

We can speed things up

We have all the necessary skills required to build & grow a technology startup. We can build most PoCs in 2 weeks.

How this works

You must be referred to us by one of our partners - River City Labs,
Startup Onramp

A successful startup addresses several questions about its potential. Once the business model canvas is filled and has been critically reviewed, most startups find themselves wanting to realise their idea and test it with their target market. That's where this kickstarter comes in.

  • Get validated. It's important to get the fundamentals of your startup validated before you commit to spending time and energy into the grunt work of your startup. We work with several qualified partners who validate thousands of startups every year and who would be the best people to validate your startup. Our partners in this step are River City Labs, Startup Onramp
  • Define the product. You and your team are the best people to know what your product is. Talk to your target market and define what your ideal product looks like. You can use our team as a soundboard for your ideas but we work best when you put visors on your vision.
  • 2 weeks (or more) of build. Our team has built 10s of POCs and on an average, we can build a Proof of Concept within 2 weeks. The better defined your product is, the quicker we can build your Proof of Concept and the sooner you can go to market.
  • On going development. Once we build your Proof of Concept, we hand over the source code to you in an industry standard state. You can have your own developers, other partners or us to continue developing your product.
  • Legalities. Our team is happy to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure that your product and IP is protected.