Business Process Automation

  • System Integration

  • Connecting apps & systems

Most companies use multiple apps to manage their processes, from accounting to inventory management. There is hidden value to be realised by getting these apps talking to each other.

In most organisations that use system integration there is a need to improve efficiency and thereby productivity and quality of their operations. The objective is usually to get the company's various IT systems to communicate with each other in the background so as to avoid the time and effort spent manually sharing information with other departments/components of the organisation including upper management.

Furthermore, system integration connects the organisation with third parties such as suppliers, customers and shareholders. Each of which have their own unique interests in information generated by your company.

Our system integration & business process automation service can help your organisation increase data flows & realise hidden value from your systems.

Our data architecture prioritises

  • a business-driven focus that's aligned with organisational strategies and data requirements;
  • flexibility and scalability to enable various applications and meet new business needs for data; and
  • strong security protections to prevent unauthorized data access and improper use of data.
  • faster decision-making to facilitate extraction of useful business insights to make better decisions.

Principles of our system integration & business process automation

We focus on getting your existing legacy & modern apps and system talking to each other in the most performant & cost effective manner. The 6 foundational principles that we follow are,

  • Increased productivity is key. Integrated systems should allow for centralized control over the daily processes which adds to the efficiency of the entire workflow. Getting more work done in less time due to the fact that employees can use all apps and data they need from the fewest access points.
  • Minimise the number of manual processes Automations should be built for as many physical processes as possible, without compromising on the functionality of any process.
  • Security is essential. Access control should be enforced on data & processes in such a way that only the right stakeholders have access.
  • Save time & money. Integrations should result in a tangible reduction of time taken to perform a process. Well integrated systems should also allow of enhanced decision making which can increase company profits & cut dead costs.
  • There is no one model fits all, find the right integration model. Depending on the types of apps & systems in place, utilise the best hybrid integration model.
  • Minimise disruption for the business. Any new integrations & automations should be built in such a way that there is minimum, possibly no, disruption to the business' operation.

One key ingredient to successful technology integration is not forgetting the autonomy and the fun.

Get in touch with us for an initial consult and know how we can help your organisation automation process & get your apps talking to each other.

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